Blocked Fallopian Tubes? Unblock it Naturally Using Chinese Medicine

Fallopian tube blockage is common cause of infertility. Statistics show women are prone HSG3to infertility more due to blocked fallopian tubes at present compared to past. There are several reasons behind blocked fallopian tube and one of them is changed lifestyle. However, we shall look in depth regarding causes and treatment.

Natural Treatment:

1.Traditional Chinese Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is picking up worldwide. TCM has shown great rate of success not only in cases of infertility but also in every medical condition. It consists of energy flow and ways on how to balance it. Regarding Infertility there is only one world-renowned doctor named Dr.Lisa Olson who is Chinese Medicine Researcher. She has written a book called Pregnancy Miracle on how to unblock fallopian tubes and cure infertility in common. Her book has shown positive effects. Moreover, the book includes other natural treatments like fertility massage, Infertility cleansing, Castor Oil therapy and much more.

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Medical Treatment:

Surgery: This is done through opening up the abdomen or either through laparoscopy, which is done through a small incision.

Salpingectomy & Salpingostomy: In this procedure, the part of blocked fallopian is removed surgically.

Fimbrioplasty: In cases where the Fimbriae is damaged this procedure is performed. It involves rebuilding the fimbriae surgically. However, very few doctors are expert and licensed to perform.

Tubal Cannulation: This is performed in cases of proximal tubal occlusion. A catheter is inserted via cervix into the uterus and the block is unblocked.

Tubal Ligation Reversal: This procedure is conducted on women who wish to conceive after they had undergone tubal ligation. It is a surgical method in which doctors clip away the tied fallopian and join the other ends.

Medical Surgeries can leave scar tissues and all the above-mentioned procedures have a success rate of just 30% to 40%. The costs involved in such surgeries are much higher costing a fortune. The other way around is to opt for Natural Treatment which are cost effective and completely safe.

Fallopian tube blockage is divided into three. They are:


1)      Distal Tubal Occlusion: In this type the end of fallopian tube (near ovary) gets blocked.

2)      Midsegement Blockage: In this type, the middle segment of fallopian tube is blocked.

3)      Proximal Tubal Occlusion: The end of fallopian tube (near uterus) is blocked.

Causes of Fallopian Tube Blockage:

Depending upon the type of obstruction, the cause varies. 

Cause of Distal Tubal Occlusion: This condition is commonly known as hydrosalpinx. Hydrosalpinx is caused due to Chlamydia trachomatis, a sexually transmitted infection. The infection damages fimbriae. Function of fimbriae is to sweep the ova from ovaries into tube for fertilization. When damaged, it loses its function and hence fertilization never takes place.

Causes of Midsegment Obstruction: It is caused by tubal ligation. Women who do not wish to conceive undergo tubal ligation. While reversing the procedure the scar tissue blocks the passage of fallopian tube, (in any form of surgery scar tissues develop and continue to grow).

Causes of Proximal tubal Occlusion: This is generally caused due to infection from procedures like abortion, miscarriages, cesarean section, or Pelvic Inflammatory disease

Other Causes of Fallopian Tube Blockage:

1)      Endometriosis (around 13.6 million women in US alone suffer from Endometriosis)

2)      Uterine Fibroids

3)      Genital Tuberculosis

4)      Ectopic Pregnancy

Some FAQ:

Which Treatment should I opt for, Surgical or Natural?

It is totally your choice. However if you ask our opinion we would say that go for natural therapies first. The reason is obvious as they are much safer and affordable except for the fact that they consume more time. For instance, if you are going for IVF, then you will be paying thousands of dollars irrespective of whether the cycle fails. On the other hand with natural therapies you are paying only few bucks like $50 and so. After trying all sorts of Natural treatments you can then opt for medical treatments.

What is the success rate of Natural Treatments?

We cannot give numbers as we haven’t conducted any survey. Moreover, the natural treatment mentioned over our site is not created by us. We promote only the best natural treatments available over the internet and have no sort of personal connection with the merchants. Therefore, if you are looking for any numbers then we strongly suggest that you talk to the merchant themselves using their support.

I have only one blocked tube, do I still have to seek treatment or can I get pregnant on my own?

With just one blocked fallopian tube you can get pregnant naturally without any treatment. However, the exact time frame in which you will conceive cannot be judged. You need to understand that one blocked fallopian tube reduces your chances of getting pregnant to 50. That is exactly half of the chances as you had with both tubes. Therefore, getting yourself help with any medical treatment is great and you can increases the chances of conception. Moreover, natural therapies in these cases are perfect and they will help in faster healing.

Is blocked fallopian tube a leading cause of Infertility?

Yes, it is the leading causes of infertility. About 80% of the infertility cases in women are caused by blocked tubes. Therefore, if you have this problem then you are one among the many infertile women. But don’t worry you can treat it with ease.

Do you recommend Herbal Tampons?

No, we do not recommend herbal tampons or any other sort of invasive natural therapy. With herbal tampons there is a slight chance of getting infected and we do not want you to hurt yourself further even if the chances are pretty less.

Who is writing on this website?

A simple woman like you who knows a little about which treatment works best. She too struggled with blocked fallopian tubes and had a very tough time. Moreover, she only recommends treatment that will really help people and not just the seller.

I have seen people commenting on this blog. Can I get their email Address?

No, we do not share email addresses, However, if the person who has commented with her email id can be contacted by as we do not have any jurisdiction over it. If you are contacting some person we strongly suggest that you don’t be too intrusive with them and ask only few questions.

Is there any possibility of getting Pregnant After HSG?

The answer to the above question is both Yes and No. Though all this getting pregnant thing after HSG is myth, statistics has shown that women od get pregnant after HSG. The possible reasons are many. In fact we have even written an article on the same. Click here to read the article in detail.

What if Natural Treatment Fails? What do you recommend next?

There are chances that natural treatment can fail. In that case you need to consult with your doctor for further treatment as it depends on the type of blocked tube. You can learn the various types of blocked tubes from the above article at the beginning. However, we strongly recommend that you do not go  the invasive way because any sort of invasive surgery can be harmful and leave scarring tissues which can further block the tubes. Going for the second round of natural treatment will further increases the chances of unblocking it.

What are the General cause of Blocked Fallopian tube?

Most general cause is unhealthy lifestyle. Women today are more under stress than they were before and hence their body tends to react to the stress which causes discomfort and hinders pregnancy. Another famous cause is diet. If you are frequently consuming junk foods then We strongly recommend that you change it completely. Opt for organic and soon you will notice change. Getting rid of your unhealthy lifestyle even for few days might bring about positive changes.

Do the Natural Treatment you have recommended really provides Guarantee?

Yes, the natural treatment that we have recommended really does provide a guarantee of 60 days. i.e. if you do not like the product then you can return it within 60 days and your full money will be paid back. However, we had readers for whom it took nearly 3 months 90 days for the natural treatment to show its effects. Therefore, we would like to stress that do not jump to conclusion within 60 days. Try to follow the steps for a little longer and you will start seeing results. This is probably because not all women are the same and each needs a different time frame for treatments to work.

How to Use this Website?

You can just browse through the various posts shown at the right hand side or search for a term using the search bar at the top. In case you do not find for what you are looking then we suggest that you email us using the contact form and we will try to write on the topic. Generally we will write on the topic within 48 hours and in some cases if we are busy it might take several days.

Why is that I never knew about Blocked tubes?

You will never know about the blocked tubes as it is a process undergoing within your body. For some a slight pain at the hip might be an indication but for most there is sign or warning that their tubes are blocked.

What should I do while and after treatment?

Irrespective of what treatment you are undergoing we recommend that you take leave from your regular life and get rid of all the stress that has been bothering you. A change not only in lifestyle but your present living condition will help you in getting rid of all negative feelings and will further help in the treatment.

I am obese, can that affect my fertility?

Yes, overweight people are prone to being infertile. Moreover people who are underweight are more prone to being infertile when compared to overweight people. Kindly contact your physician or dietician and see work towards having the right BMI according to your body’s structure.

Can Increased Blood Circulation unblock blocked Fallopian tubes?

Yes, by increasing your blood circulation you can unblock blocked Fallopian tubes. Some common treatments that increase blood circulation are fertility massage and castor oil therapy. Moreover, drinking beet root juice has shown evidence of increasing blood circulation.

Self Fertility Massage:

Most women that have had problems with conceiving investing in the best treatments known to man may not always be the best option. As most have realized they tend not to have the best results. Even of this the best methods fail, you may want to try fertility massages. Not only do they improve your chances of getting pregnant, they also help in a variety of other issues that include increase in blood flow to the ovaries, straightening of the fallopian tubes and also irregular ovulation all of which can contribute to the hardicity in conceiving. In order to be able to get the best results you have to get the right instructions as to how to conduct a fertility massage even by yourself. There are professionals that are trained to do this but if you feel uncomfortable and would rather do it yourself, then here are some of the instructions that you should follow so as to get favorable results.

The first step is relaxing. This is important as you need to be in a good mood and apply the right pressure. Furthermore, you don’t want the pressures of the day to affect the quality time that you’re about to have. If you have a problem calming yourself down, it is advised that you use aroma therapy.

The next thing that you will need to do is find your ovaries. This can be hard if you’re not a professional but then again you’re in the right place so it is bound to get easier. Your ovaries are located 4 inches below your navel and 3 inches to each side. This is the exact location of your ovaries. This step is crucial because if you’re not able to find your ovaries, then you will not be able to get the results that you so much yearn for.

To perform the fertility massage, you will nothing more than your hands and a massage oil. To avoid discomfort, warm the oil in your arms by rubbing it together after you have placed it in your arms before you can place the arms on your body. You can lie down on either a yoga mat or a mattress and make sure you’re comfortable. Just in case you lost track, you may want to do the measurements again to find the ovaries again and if you can, you place a mark to make sure that you’re within the right range.

Once you have warmed up the massage oil (preferable almond oil), you can then start massaging the area in a circle and clockwise direction and very gently at first. You should massage each of the ovaries for at least 10 minutes slowly increasing the intensity of the massage as you go. You may pinch your skin but not to the extent that you feel pain. Remember that the massage should be comfortable at all times even with you adding the pressure.

Make sure that you apply the massage oil generously to prevent your skin from the discomfort of the continuous rubbing. Should you feel pain in the process even when you’re not applying much pressure, you could be suffering from polycystic Ovary and you will need to see a fertility professional for this. Other than that, you should be able to benefit from this one of a kind massage.

Castor Oil Therapy

The health benefits of castor oil have always been a mystery. Castor oil is usually taken from a castor plant’s bean. It is rich in ricinoleic; an element that carries powerful therapeutic effects. In the past, castor oil was used as an oral laxative. Things have since changed because this consumption method is no longer recommended due to the powerful laxative effect which is capable of interfering with the normal digestion as well as healthy intestinal flora. Sometimes, gentleness is fundamental when treating chronic diseases. Nowadays, topical application delivers more effective results.


As long as proper castor oil therapy instructions are observed, this oil type has proved to be simple yet effective remedy for a wide variety of common health problems. Let us consider some of the health problems that castor oil therapy can cure.


Ensuring healthy skin

This is made possible because castor oil contains low molecular weight. This means that it is readily absorbed into both hair and skin and thus providing great nourishing and moisturizing effects. Try applying it directly on your annoying dry hair and see how it moisturizes it besides preventing split ends. For years, it has been utilized as facial cream to minimize the risk of the ugly dark under eye rings as well as assist in the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. In many instances, it is added to the natural mascara in order to promote lash growth.


Relieving pain and promoting joint health 

The powerful element in castor oil also contains strong pain relieving properties. Following castor oil therapy instructions can be the best way out of pain and unhealthy joints. Besides relieving pain from scrapes and cuts, castor oil is also ideal for lubricating painful arthritis affected joints. If you have sore, stiff or creaky joints, applying castor oil will help because the oil penetrates to lubricate the joints, minimize pain and even increase circulation.


Eliminating constipation and allowing detoxification 

Castor is an extremely popular cure for the common constipation problems in naturopathic medicine. It is also a great accompaniment for the numerous detoxification programs available. One of the castor oil therapy instructions entails massaging the oil into entire skin around the abdominal region while ensuring to cover the liver area. For maximum results, patients are also advised to cover the oiled area using a towel as well as a hot water bottle. Heat generated from the bottle of hot water is for aiding penetration in order to allow the oil to facilitate waste elimination. It also helps in decreasing stagnation of the whole digestive system, the liver inclusive. The ability of castor oil to stimulate the liver promotes natural detoxification process of the body.


Reproductive health 

Castor oil therapy has been in use for many centuries in healing the body but most specifically, ensuring reproductive health. Castor oil packs come in handy as they are great, extremely supportive and a relaxing therapy. It supports reproductive system health in a wide range of ways such as supporting ovarian health, fallopian tube health, uterine health, and detoxification prior to conception and also supports egg health.

These are just some of the health issues that can be remedied using castor oil. There are numerous others such as lymphatic system health and circulatory system health among many others. You just have the necessary instructions for castor oil therapy to work excellently for you.

Kindly note that the above statements are not to be considered as alternative to medical advice. We suggest that you consult your physician before taking any decision.