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Best Treatment to Unblock Fallopian Tubes

Are you wondering which is the best treatment for unblocking fallopian tubes? Well, the best and the safest way is Natural Remedies unless you want to spend $1000 of dollars on some surgery which has no guarantee.

In recent times women across the globe expecially in US suffer from infertility on a large scale. Therefore the infertility industry has come with several money sucking methods that has no guarantee neither is FDA approved.

Apart from those money leeches in the medical industry there are some who appear to make use of herbal tampons which are expensive around $800 and can leave infection.

The only safest and best treatment available is using TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ask anyone who has ever undergone a Chinese therapy for any condition and they will vouch for their effectiveness.

Unfortunately there are hardly any doctors present in US that have mastered TCM to unblock fallopian tubes and cure infertility except Dr. Lisa Olson.

She is the most world renowned infertility specialist that has helped thousands of people in unblocking fallopian tubes and getting pregnant within 8 weeks. She is so sure about her techniques that she her book is sold with money back guarantee i.e. if you fail to conceive within 8 weeks then she will return your money and you can still keep the book.

I bet the infertility specialist around your town wouldn’t dare to throw such money back offer. If you are interested and would like to learn about her book then visit her website at

How to Unblock fallopian Tube Naturally?

A blocked fallopian tube is main reason for 75% of infertility in women. For some reason the modern women is affected with blocked fallopian tube. There are ways of unblocking it medically as well as naturally. The problem with medical strategy is that their rate is low, they are expensive and they can lead to some other discomfort after operating.

Therefore the only best choice is going the Natural or herbal way. Among the natural way of unblocking fallopian tube Chinese medicine tops the most. Yes ancient were well knowledge and they wrote remedies for every disease affecting the human. And they had also written about infertility.

They have a proven way of unblocking fallopian tube. Their methodology is using acupressure and acupuncture combined with the right food to balance the chi energy as they call. Their belief is that every disease is caused by the disruption of the chi energy. Therefore, if a person balances the energy then the disease would vanish. In other words the body will heal itself.

There are several books written on the Chinese healing tradition but only one book is written on curing infertility using Chinese Tradition. The book is 200+ pages and deals with all the traditional ways of healing.

Details of the book can be found here. if you are interested you can take a look at it. To tell the truth I had used the book and I got pregnant twice. Moreover it comes with money back guarantee, in which case if you don’t conceive you can get the money back.


Gaining Moral Support in Times of Infertility

pageImage-extra_09Whether you have blocked fallopian tube or declared infertile the biggest problem ahead is facing and living a different life. Though you have blocked tubes, which can be treated medically or naturally, the life until you have conceived is troublesome for two reasons 1) You are unsure about getting pregnant and 2) You will be childless until treated.

How to cope such feelings:

To ensure simplicity I have categorized different situations for coping:

Coping when Under Treatment:

Faith is everything. Do you know that doctors ask you to keep faith in the medicines they prescribe if not the medicines fail to take effect? Similarly, you need to have faith in the treatment. This might sound religious but it is not. Science has proved repeatedly that faith in anything we do helps in completing half of the result. Therefore, no matter what treatment you are undergoing have faith in it.

Coping when Treatment Failed:

You know that there are worse diseases than infertility. Have you ever experienced someone dying out of cancer? I have and it is my Dad. I had the money, I had the support of family, I had doctors waiting, yet there was no cure at hand. Even if there was chemotherapy, it had no guarantee of healing but just to extend few weeks. Infertility is no such big deal. You have several treatment and options available. If you hate the medical option then you can always jump to natural remedies. Here you can find a list of natural remedies. One after another, you can keep trying and never give up. They do not cost more than few bucks each and are perfectly safe with no side effects. In the end, you should never give up.

Looking at a different picture:

Yes, everyone wishes to have a child of his/her own. That is not the only option. Do you know how many orphans out there are praying to have a happy family adopt them? Maybe you can adopt them. I don’t think that adoptions are frowned over our country except in some third world.

What if I don’t like adoption?

Who said that you need a child to live your life? Child is not everything. I have known several couples when asked about their childless relationship stating they did not want a child as their opposite partner was a child to them.

Do you see the irony behind this? What you think matters most. I know most of us are worried about our friends and families and how they shall go about mocking us from behind. True, but if you care about your life more than others do then do not care as to what they say.

Blocked fallopian Tube Treatment

First let me assure you that treating blocked fallopian tube is easy. The chances of 375x321_fallopian_tubeunblocking and getting pregnant are as high as 99%. Now that is some number that your physician never revealed before. This is probably because they want you to undergo treatments that are expensive. And that is obvious because they want your money.

But you can be rest assured that there are several treatments ‘Natural’ and carry no risks at all. I have written a comprehensive guide on fallopian tube blockage which deals from the very basic of causes and goes on to explain the treatments available with pros and cons.

Yes! You can literally have an insight to all the treatments. I have provided treatments that are surgical, invasive, non-invasive and completely natural.

Advice: I suggest you try the natural treatments as they are hardly expensive and costs some 20 to 30 bucks. Later you can turn towards surgery as a last resort.

Click here to get a detailed insight on blocked fallopian tubes.