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Fertility Massage – Facts and How To

We have been discussing about oening blocked fallopian tube for a long time. And in this process we have touched some of the most important elements in natural treatment. However, we have not so gotten deeply with self fertility massage.

The reason is that there is no free tutorial on this and the self fertility massage DVD is sold for $40 bucks or so. You can buy it from Amazon or from anywhere else where you find it interesting.

But just today morning when I decided to write about self fertility massage I came across this YouTube video which was in depth and provides instructions on self fertility massage. i was happy coz I knew you might be interested in it too.

Here is the video watch it till the end and let me know what you think in the comment.

So what are the success rate of self fertility massage?

Like any other natural treatment there is no success rate because natural treatments are hardly tracked. But if you try two or three natural treatments together then the chances of opening blocked tubes and getting pregnant increases greatly.

Therefore I recommend you to try some of the natural treatments mentioned here and combine few of them as they are definitely going to make a difference if not a huge impact.

Tubal Ligation and Reversal – Things you Should Know

Tubal ligation is still used as a present means of sterilization in women. This inhibits their ability to give birth permanently. However, in the past few years tubal ligation reversal has increased greatly though the chances of conceiving are less not to mention the grave danger it can pose to health issues.

What is Tubal Ligation?

Women who wanted permanent solution for birth control opted for this process. IN this process the faloopian tubes are severed and tied up in the middle.  This stops the flow of eff from the ovaries and into the Uterus. Furthermore, the sperm is also prohibited from reaching the fallopina tube.

What is Tubal Ligation Reversal?

The tied up part of the fallopian tube is again rejoined and connected so that it is possible for the egg to fertilize with the help of sperm. In most cases the tied up part of fallopian tube is not functional anymore. Therefore the surgeons clip them off and tied the healthy part of the other end of tubes together.

what are the success rate of tubal ligation reversal?

The success rate of tubal ligation depends on several factors. They are:

  • Years passed after tubal ligation
  • Your age
  • Your health
  • Your present condition of fallopian tubes
  • The type of technique used in fallopian tube ligation (Some technique of tubal ligation cannot be reversed)

You need to consult your fertility expert in this manner and see what can be done.

Success Rate of IVF

Now since you are searching for the success rate of IVF I can take it that you are well known about what IVF is and the procedures involved. However, I would like to write about IVF basics so that to ensure you are really well aware about the procedures.

In the early 1970s and 80s IVF was a mysterious procedure and it was known by its sister name called as test tube babies. Today IVF is greatly proclaimed in the infertility industry and works like a charm and is generally used in cases of fallopian tube occlusion.

The procedure involves of taking the mother’s egg and the father’s sperm and fertilizing them outside the womb (in a lab). It undergoes various cycles. As soon as the fertilization takes place and an embryo is formed it is placed within the womb.

IVF is very expensive process and it has been estimated that only 5% of infertile couples seek it out. So you fall within the 5% couple who are looking for IVF.

What is the real success rate of IVF?

The success rate of IVF depends on the age of women. For instance women under the age of 35 have a success rate of 39.6% whereas women who are above 40 have a success rate of 11%. This was the statistics given by CDC in 2009. However, the numbers are increasing as the techniques are getting refined with recent developments in technology.

Here is another interesting statistics from CDC for the year 2009.

In all the cycles (higher and lower) pregnancy was achieved in 29.4% of women.

Among those women who got pregnant (including higher and lower cycles) only 22.4% resulted in live births.

Important Note: We, here at recommend people to try the natural way. It is cheap and safe. In fact natural treatments have high success rate than common surgeries. If interested then we suggest buying Dr. Lisa Olson’s Book on Pregnancy Miracle which not only shows you the natural route to pregnancy but also guarantees pregnancy within 8 weeks.

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How Effective is Castor Oil therapy in Treating Blocked Fallopian Tube?

Castor oil is derived from the Castor seed which is native of India. The Castor plant has so much of medicinal value that the leaves of this plant were considered to represent the palm of Christ. Probably it was another way of saying that castor oil were of great significance in healing.

How does Castor oil Help in Unblocking fallopian tube?

Castor oil when applied over any body surface the blood flow increases dramatically. Same way when castor oil is applied over the fallopian region the blood flow around the fallopian tissue increases and therefore unblocking the tube.

Several online sites sell castor oil therapy kit. This is nothing but a special kind of tissue that is soaked in castor oil. The tissue needs to be placed around your abdomen region (instructions differ from kit to kit).

With regular usage the blood flow increases with your fallopian tube and increases the chance of conception. However, you should also know that this is natural treatment which can help you greatly but does not provide any guarantee. If you are just trying your path in natural treatment then I suggest you  to take at least 2 months in castor oil therapy before you see any results.

Another natural treatment (a book) written Dr. Lisa Olson is also available for unblocking fallopian tube and getting pregnant within 8 weeks (guaranteed!!!)

Using Ginger To Unblock Fallopian Tubes

First you need to understand that the body has its own healing capacity. However the ability for the body to heal itself is decreased when the blood flow to the part is significantly decreased. This is how Chinese Treatment works. so, all you have to do is increase the blood flow and let your body work the miracle.

There are many foods that can do the trick. One among them is Ginger. It has god’s gift of reducing the stress from all the muscle in the body and increasing blood flow to the fallopian tubes. I am not saying that your fallopian tube will be unblocked miraculously but all I am saying is that your tube will get to work and it will help in unblocking.

So, how are you going to add Ginger in your diet. First you can add it simply within your meal preparation. Secondly you can use Ginger Tea to. Whenever you feel like drinking coffee you can swap to ginger tea.  Mince the ginger and brew it in hot water.

Finally, the best option is to eat it raw. Clean a little piece of Ginger and once in a time try to suck on the juice that is obtained from crushing the Ginger between your teeth. You can also place the Ginger under the tongue or between your wisdom teeth.

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Is IVF the Only Way to Conception or Fertility?

To be frank, IVF is good choice to get pregnant or conceive. It bypasses your blocked tube and helps in conception. Moreover, it has fewer side effects than other medical treatments. However, one problem with IVF is that it has to be done several times. Most probably you won’t conceive within the first cycle of IVF. Therefore you will have to undergo 2 or 3 cycles. And IVF is expensive process. So you might want to rethink about it.

There is alternative to IVF, one which is safer and costs just $37. I know it is too good to be true. But it is the only book that has shown great positive results in helping women to conceive. It has some of the best known therapies. The drawback over here is that you will have to do all the work. For instance, you will have to follow and make certain foods listed in the guide. And you might want to do some exercise. So, in short you are doing the work over here and all you are getting for the $37 is information on how to unblock and get pregnant.

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Is it Possible to Get Pregnant with one Blocked Fallopian Tube?

I have seen on many infertility forums people asking one common question ‘Is it possible to get pregnant with one blocked fallopian tube? If so how long will it take?’

Well, the answer is a positive yes. However, the time frame for you to get pregnant with one blocked fallopian tube is never exact. Conception is possible within a month or within years.

I have known people who have made it possible with one blocked tube in 6 month while there are still people unable to conceive for several years together.

If it is taking too long to get pregnant then the problem can be from your male partner. But if your male partner is perfectly alright then what you need is natural treatment to boost your fertility. And I strongly recommend not to try any surgery or IVF as they can make things worse. People are forced to believe that medical science knows better. If you are one those king then I suggest trying natural treatment before trying anything invasive.

Give at least 6 months for Natural Treatments and if it doesn’t work you can go the invasice type with medical science.

Castor Oil therapy:

This is a common therapy that is used to get your tubes up and running. Amazon sells castor oil kit that can be bought for $17 or so. Instructions on how to use it will be provided with the kit.

Fertility massage:

This treatment also boosts the working of your tube. Get a DVD of fertility massage and follow the massage movements as shown. This treatment has been there from ancient time and has still stood the test of time to be good.

Pregnancy Miracle Book:

This is a book written by Chinese Medicine Researcher Dr. Lisa Olson. The book deals with various techniques that should be employed to get your tube to help in conception. Moreover, if you have a blocked tube then this book will guide you to open it up. The Author of this book is so sure of her techniques that she is selling it with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get pregnant within 8 weeks of purchasing her book.  Therefore you might want to give it a shot.

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Diagnosing Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Treatment

Most women do not have the slightest idea that they have a blocked fallopian. It usually startswith pain in the pelvic region or the inability to conceive that forces women to get to know the cause which is generally a blocked fallopian tube(s).

Here are the most common diagnosis that are used to determine blockage in fallopian tubes.


Shortly it is known as HSG. A dye is injected within the fallopian tubes and monitored through an X-Ray. If there aren’t any blockages then the dye moves freely from the fallopian tubes into the belly. However, if there are some blockages present then the dye stops at that location which marks the location of blockage.


This procedure involves incision. A small telescope like structure in inserted into the navel into the tube and examined for any blockage. This procedure involves general anaesthesia and falls within the  invasive surgery category.


This test is a lot more like HSG (Hysterosalpingogram). Salt water (Salt water) is injected into the tubes and Ultrasound is used to capture better picture. The salt water injected expands the uterus and  provides better imaging for ultrasound. Of all the procedures this is the best and most recommend.


In this procedure salt water and air is used which are passed into the uterus through the cervix. A transvaginal ultrasound is used to visualize the linings of fallopian tubes for any blockage or scarring.

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Pregnancy Miracle by Dr.Lisa Olson

Please Note: My name is Beula Dsouza and the below mentioned ebook is written by Lisa Olson. I do not even know her personally. I am writing this review just as a way of helping people as most have testified it to be helpful. All mails to Lisa Olson should be sent through her official site

Here are the details regarding Pregnancy Miracle. In fact it is the only guide in the whole world that teaches you how to unblock fallopian tubes and get pregnant in 8 weeks.

Does it Really Work?

Yes! It works 100%. The reason as to why it is so unpopular is due to the fact that the infertility industry frowns on Chinese Medicine. Not that Chinese Medicine doesn’t work but because it works so good that the infertility industry will be thrown out of business. Therefore it is known only to few selected people like you and me.

What are the benefits of using this Guide?

  • You will learn how to unblock fallopian tube(s)
  • It contains diet regime to boost fertility
  • Exercises are included to increase conception rate
  • It does not only target women but also men.
  • It has all the therapies like fertility massage, castor oil, acupressure etc.
  • finally, it comes with 100% guarantee i.e if you do not conceive within 8 weeks (60 days) your money is paid back with no questions asked.

Where can I get the guide?

You can get the guide from Dr.Lisa Olson’s Official site

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P.S Upon visiting the site a video will start playing which provides in-depth info on the guide. Allow it to play for few minutes. After that, an order button will appear at the bottom which you can use to purchase the book.

Types of Natural Treatment to Unblock Fallopian Tubes

As you all know that this website is solely dedicated to unblocking fallopian tubes and getting pregnant. We suggest that you take the natural as it is safe. Moreover there are several natural treatments and we sincerely recommend the one presented by Dr. Lisa Olson which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Okay this post is just informative as others are. Here comes the various types of natural treatments:

Using Herbal tampons:

Herbal tampons are quite famous for their ability to unblock fallopian tubes. At the same they are also infamous to cause infection and for their high priced kit. A herbal tampon kit can cost you anywhere from $800 to more.

Fertility Massage:

We are also noticing a quite increase in the fertility massage therapy. Several DVD’s are sold online and they self teach the consumers on how to massages themselves so that fallopian tube gets unblocked. Although the success rate isn’t high, fertility massage combined with other treatments provides wonderful remedy.

Castor Oil Therapy:

Specially manufactured tissue paper is soaked in castor oil. It is then placed approximately over the region where fallopian tubes are supposedly said to be blocked. It has been said that this treatment helps in unblocking the tubes. You can also use castor oil independently for fertility massage. Combining the two can bring extreme results.

finally the best treatment is Chinese Medicine. We have already written about it at here. Just scroll at the bottom and you will have info about it.