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Foods to Consume While Trying to Get Pregnant

Some women who are trying to conceive are confused whether they should avoid any foods. Today we answer this question and help you clear off the confusion.

Here is the answer

There is no food that will help in conception and there is no food that you should avoid for the same. Leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is all that is required. However, we do stress that you maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) and do some cardio that will help in staying fit.

Avoiding Alcohol:

Although there is no exception in this case but excess of alcohol is known to hinder fertility. Therefore, if you are consuming alcohol then you might want to stop or limit to moderate consumption.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is bad for health and science has proved that smoking might result in infertility. Both partners should quit smoking altogether if they are trying to consume.


For conclusion we recommend that you should live healthy, eat organic and quit smoking (limiting alcohol) altogether if you are looking to conceive.

Should I Undertake Normal Household Chores While Pregnant

On a certain forum there was a question that we would like to share. A pregnant lady who is 3 months pregnant asks ‘can I undertake normal household chores?’

The answer is a simple yes, When you are pregnant it is good to undertake normal chores. This will help in keeping your body strong and will result in a natural delivery.

However, if you are doing household chores, ensure that they do not exhaust you as it is common for pregnant women to get exhausted or fatigue frequently. Moreover, ensure that you are consuming enough liquids to keep yourself hydrated.

Sadly, most family members out of love and affection will not allow you to work while pregnant. You need to educate them on the benefits of helping around the house even if it is of little consequence.

Most women who didn’t had to work or chose not to work while pregnant had troubled labor leading to c section.

Hence, we strongly, recommend to continue your household chores even when pregnant but with safety and cautiously.


Can you Get Pregnant After a HSG?

People say the you get pregnant after a HSG. Unfortunately there is no evidence backing up the statement. However, there have been many cases in which women tend to conceive within the next three months after a HSG procedure.

How is this possible at all?

As I said there is no evidence, but we will take some probabilities and consider the possibilities.

The dye could have cleared minor blockages; As we have discussed into our HSG procedures, you would have noticed that the dye is injected with a certain degree of pressure. Therefore, if there has been any minor blockages then the dye would have opened it resulting in conception after the procedure.

The Dye could have enhanced the Uterus: There has been some evidence that the dye can enhance the inner lining of the uterus. This could result in the uterus being more capable of fertilization

Ovaries could have enhanced; When the dye passes through the fallopian tubes, it could have enhanced the ovaries to produce healthy eggs. Obviously resulting in  a high chance of fertilization.

This was just some possibilities that could have led to pregnancy after HSG. However, you should know that HSG is only a diagnostic tool and does not help in pregnancy.

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Pain After HSG Procedure

Most women do not experience any sort of discomfort after the HSG procedure. However there are some women who have reported minor crampings which eventually passes away after 5 minutes.

During the procedure the cannula provides a smearing sensation. And when the dye is injected you might feel warmth inside of you.

If you have a blocked tube and the dye is injected then a surging pain might be felt. This is caused by the dye pressing against the blockage.

After the procedure cramping might be felt. Women who feel pain during the pelvic examination are more prone to cramping though there is no scientific proof to back up.

Before an hour of HSG procedure, painkiller is prescribed to cope with this common pain. However, in rare cases the cramping might prevail for hours which also can soothed through medications.

Iodine allergy (the dye is iodine based) can trigger an allergen reaction. If you are allergic to shell fish then you are also allergic to iodine (generally). Talk to your doctor about it before the procedure.

If fever shoots after a day or two after the procedure contact your doctor as it might be a sign of infection from the procedure.

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Everything About Hysterosalpingogram

This article contains everything that you ever wanted to know about Hysterosalpingogram.

What is Hysterosalpingogram?

Hysterosalpingogram (or referred to as HSG) is a special form of X-Ray. The procedure involves injecting of Dye through the cervix and later taking X rays of Uterus and fallopian tubes. The image captured during the X-Ray will provide information on the structure of uterus and whether the tubes are blocked or open.

When do Doctors order a HSG?

It is a common procedure and can be ordered as routine check up. However, in most cases the HSG is ordered when there has been frequent miscarriages or if the physician suspects a blocked fallopian tube.

How to Prepare for an HSG?

This is not a surgical procedure therefore you do not have to be worried. No anesthesia is require and you will remain awake during the procedure.

The procedure is usually carried out after your periods but before ovulation. Approximately, the date falls around 10 or 12th of your menstrual cycle. You will have to speak to your fertility specialists as to the exact day.

The procedure needs only half an hour maximum to be completed. In some cases women feel pain when the dye is injected and hence common painkiller like ibuprofen might be prescribed. Moreover, antibiotics may also be prescribed to avert any chances of infection.

How is HSG done?

You will be asked to lay on the examination table (the usual ones found in the hospital). The designated doctor will arrive and do a quick pelvic exam.

After that, speculum will be placed in you vagina followed by cannula into your cervix. With the help of cannula the dye will be injected. After injection of dye an X Ray device is lowered over your abdomen. You are asked to hold you breath for every picture taken. A slight change in position for certain pictures might be necessary.

Problems with HSG:

Generally the procedure is safe. However in 1% of patients infection has occurred. This is possible when there are signs of infection in the fallopian tubes prior to procedure.

In some rare cases patient have experienced iodine allergy. If you are allergic to some objects talk to your doctor about it as it may help in avoiding allergens.

If you feel pain, fever or faintness talk to your physician immediately. You might also experience itching which can be treated.

Will the radiations of HSG procedure have any negative Effects?

The amount of radiation that you are exposed during a HSG procedure is very low therefore, there is no way that it can have any effect on you. Even if you have conceived at the same cycle if won’t have any effect.

The Results:

If the dye goes free in the tubes and the uterus is  in perfect shape then the cause of your infertility is neither uterus related or blocked fallopian tubes. However, if the dye does not pass through the tubes then blocked fallopian tube (s) is suspected which might be the cause of infertility.

Note: Statistics has shown that 35% of HSG report with respect to uterus are false. In other words an HSG is incompatible in detecting the uterus shape. You will have to opt for hysteroscopy to confirm the shape of your uterus. It consists of a telescopic structure inserted through the cervix into the uterus and visually inspected using a camera.

False Positive:

If the block appears where the uterus and the fallopian tubes meet then the doctor might order another HSG to confirm. This is because a blockage at this juncture has shown to have 15% of false positive.

An HSG only determines whether the tubes are blocked or open. It cannot explain the cause. Your physician might order laparascopy or hysteroscopy to know the cause of blockage.

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How to Increase the Health of Your Egg?

In the past it was believed that younger people had healthier eggs while older people had weak eggs. However, we now know that it is not true. The health of egg does not depend on the age alone. There are several factors that go into making a healthy egg.

Why is Egg’s Health so Important?

Let me put this in a short answer. The healthier your eggs are the better are the chances of conception or fertilization. Therefore, you can know the importance of your egg being healthy.

How can I keep my eggs healthy?

The answer to this question isn’t short as the above. We will need to discuss several factors.

Body Weight: If you are weight isn’t balanced then there is huge chance that your eggs are not going to be healthy. By improper weight I do not mean only the obese people. I also include people who are underweight and appear thin as a leaf. It might be interesting for you to know that the largest proportion of women who suffer from unhealthy eggs are underweight (not overweight.)

Life Style: The lifestyle is another factor that plays an important role. You need to understand that our body is organic and not made of super filters that can last for centuries. Our body is meant to breakdown at some point or other. The question is how sooner are you going to get your body broken down? Organic food consumption helps in better sustaining of your body organs. On the other hand junk foods are going to cost you many precious gifts on of them being the ability to conceive or produce healthy eggs for that matter.

Use of Drugs; No matter for what reason you are using drugs they are sure to screw with your eggs. Especially if you are taking birth control pills. Yes, the companies promise and provide scientific evidence that their drugs are safe. But you and I know the real truth which no one cares about and we ultimately fall for it. Get rid of any drugs that you are taking (the unnecessary ones like birth control pills, weight loss supplements etc.)

Increase blood Flow: By increasing your blood flow it is possible to improve the health of your eggs There are several fertility cleanse that help in increasing blood flow. In fact we have even written an article on how to increase blood flow using Beet root juice. We strongly suggest that you take a look at the two articles for a detailed study on how to increase blood flow.

Finally, as a piece of advice, try getting yourself into yoga. That is a personal recommendation. It does nothing but good to your body except demanding few bucks every month (but it will be worth every penny!)

How to Increase Blood Circulation to Boost Conception?

We all know that blood circulation is very crucial for getting pregnant. And if you didn’t know that you have just learn it.

Moreover, a proper blood circulation will also unblock your blocked fallopian tubes. Yes, no matter what is the reason of your tubes being blocked (except for the fact that they are tied up artificially) you can unblock them by just trying to increase blood circulation.

How to increase blood circulation?

There is no better than drinking beet root juice. This is very great for increasing blood flow throughout your body. For instance the beetroot juice is readily absorbed by your body and it contains Nitric oxide. If you have concentrated on your chemistry class then you would retain the fact that Nitric Oxide is a good vasodilator.

Moreover, there is iron present in beet root that helps women in increasing red blood cells count. Your Red blood cells are responsible for carrying out the supply of oxygen throughout the entire system.

Therefore, whenever an organ is visited by red blood cells and provided with sufficient amount of oxygen then that part of oxygen thrives in its functionality.

Think what will happen if your fallopian tubes are blasted with high supply of oxygen. It will try to repair itself and increase the chances of getting pregnant.

How to Prepare beetroot juice?

Don’t worry there is not perfect recipe. You can just mash the beet and drink from it or beat it in a juicer. Add any amount of sugar or milk as per your choice (less is better) and you are ready with your own supplement of beet juice.

happy juicing!

Importance of Fertility Cleanse and Why You Need One?

Okay, you must have probably heard about fertility cleanse somewhere else but in this post I am going to tell some truth which you wouldn’t have heard about. This post will further go into explaining the difference between common cleanse and what the fertility cleanse can do for you.

What exactly is fertility cleanse?

As the name implies it is process of cleaning your body of toxins. Since the prefix is fertility it is common sense to conclude that the cleaning process is meant to boost fertility. The cleaning process will clean your uterus and liver preparing your body for conception so that you have a high chance of getting pregnant with a healthy kid.

What is the difference between normal cleansing and fertility cleansing?

There is not much difference, except for the fact that fertility cleansing is targeted towards getting you pregnant. The processes are almost the same and the natural herbs within them are almost the same. In fact getting a common fertility cleanse will also boost your fertility. Probably this is the reason as to why some women who are on a diet and have cleansed their body easily get pregnant.

Where can I find fertility cleanse guide?

There are several books that will help you in preparing a fertility cleanse. Do not fret and consider that preparation of fertility cleanse requires some rare combination of herbs. it is simple and in fact the common lemon juice mixed with maple syrup is an excellent detoxify agent which can also help in cleaning you body.

Now, I can list various herbs that are used in preparing fertility cleansing but that would be waste of your time and mine. Simply because just letting you the names would be useless. You need the right preparation guide and that is why I suggest you to purchasing guides from the experts.

There are various books on the store. However, on book which I recommend is from Amazon. click here to see the details on Amazon.

Moreover, you might also want to know about Lisa Olson’s guide that will help you conceive in 8 weeks. This is your short guide to guaranteed conception.

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