After 3 Abortions unable to conceive?

Most of the time I spend on forums trying to help people out of their pregnancy issues. At one such instance I came across a question by a husband who stated that his wife was unable to conceive. Within the included information he mentioned that his wide had undergone abortions 3 times in the past as they were unprepared for the child.

so, this brings us to the question can abortion affect your pregnancy?

Abortions when done surgically leaves a scar on the womb and tubes. What happens eventually is that the womb loses its strength as the process is invasive. Moreover, the scars that develop over the tubes keep growing over the years.

Let me explain it to you more in a simple manner. The scar tissues are tissues which grew to hide or fill up the scars. Now since they are organic and body’s functions is to grow the scars keep on growing but on a slower pace. In the end when the scar has grown itself to great lengths it becomes clogged and thereby closing the tube.

Therefore abortion does affects the tube and can lead to infertility.

This is a guest post by Clara of who is a Mom and infertility fighter.

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