Accupuncture for Blocked Fallopian tubes

Blocked fallopian tubes are a major fertility concern in the world today.These complications resulting from the blockage of the fallopian tubes account for around 30-40 percent of infertility cases in women.This is primarily because the fallopian tubes are the pathway through which the egg travels to the uterus for fertilization and also plays a vital role in the transportation of the sperm and embryo.With all these in mind,it is quite evident that any obstruction along the fallopian tubing will automatically render a woman infertile.Tube blockage may occur on any part of the tubal lining and may be caused by many factors including tube spasms,infection and at times surgical complications.There are quite a number of remedies to blocked fallopian tubes including acupuncture.
Acupuncture is among the many traditional approaches to tackling various medical complications.Acupuncture basically involves the stimulation of particular acupuncture points of interest along the skin among other body parts.This stimulation is done by penetrating the skin using thing like needles,incisions,use of heat,laser light or use of pressure.
In trying to unblock the fallopian tube,acupuncture focuses on the breakdown of scar tissues and adhesions on the areas around the fallopian tubes.In Chinese acupuncture for example,traditional herbs are applied on these acupuncture points through needle insertions and incisions(cuts).This practice aims at amplifying and increasing blood flow and blood circulation.It also helps a big deal in the relaxation of muscle tensions and fallopian tube spasms.Acupuncture will also play a regulatory role in either increasing or decreasing the amount of mucous cover on the tube’s lining.This practice will also relieve the woman’s bodily stress and improve the general fuctionability of the fallopian tubes and the whole reproductive system.
Studies and research have proven that acupuncture,especially Chinese acupuncture can help in the unblocking of blocked fallopian tubes.Considering the safety and ease of acupuncture in relation to other remedies like surgery,acupuncture is highly recommendable.