Can you Get Pregnant After a HSG?

People say the you get pregnant after a HSG. Unfortunately there is no evidence backing up the statement. However, there have been many cases in which women tend to conceive within the next three months after a HSG procedure.

How is this possible at all?

As I said there is no evidence, but we will take some probabilities and consider the possibilities.

The dye could have cleared minor blockages; As we have discussed into our HSG procedures, you would have noticed that the dye is injected with a certain degree of pressure. Therefore, if there has been any minor blockages then the dye would have opened it resulting in conception after the procedure.

The Dye could have enhanced the Uterus: There has been some evidence that the dye can enhance the inner lining of the uterus. This could result in the uterus being more capable of fertilization

Ovaries could have enhanced; When the dye passes through the fallopian tubes, it could have enhanced the ovaries to produce healthy eggs. Obviously resulting in  a high chance of fertilization.

This was just some possibilities that could have led to pregnancy after HSG. However, you should know that HSG is only a diagnostic tool and does not help in pregnancy.

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