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Can You Get Pregnant Without Fallopian Tubes?


The Fallopian tubes are one of the most vital reproductive parts of a woman. Indeed, the above organs are required for conception to take place. Ideally, the ovaries release eggs. Thereafter, eggs are sent to the Fallopian tubes, and there are supposed to stay there until there are later fertilized by male sperms. After fertilization, the embryo is sent to the uterus where it stays there and grows into a fetus waiting for delivery.

When the Fallopian tubes of a woman are either blocked or removed due to ectopic pregnancy or due to other complications, it implies that the chances of that woman to conceive will be lowered. In other words, it would be quite difficult for her to get pregnant even if she is ovulating. However, if the above has been your concern, then, worry no more since there is good news for you and hope for getting babies is still there.

Nowadays, medical science and extensive gynecological research has advanced greatly and there’re several ways by which a woman with the above condition can become pregnant. Indeed, external methods (sometimes referred to as artificial methods) are the only possible options of achieving the above objective. In most cases, a process called IVF treatment is one of the best possible options into which a woman without Fallopian tubes can have a baby.

As stated in the previous section, IVF is the only normal procedure that is done if conception is to take place without Fallopian tubes. The process starts by harvesting eggs from the ovaries after ovulation. In most cases, the collected eggs are frozen and stored in a safe bank for fertilization to take place in a later date. Thereafter, sperms (with strong sperm count) are collected from the spouse, frozen, and stored safely in the sperms-bank for later fertilization. Fertilization is scheduled to take place 10 to 14 days after ovulation, which is a similar case of natural pregnancy. At this stage and time, collected eggs and sperms are brought for fertilization. Thereafter, the fertilized egg is implanted into the woman’s uterus. After implantation, it usually takes about two to three weeks before gynecologist confirms pregnancy by conducting a series of ultrasound scan and test that detects the presence of a fetus in the woman’s uterus.


Conception without Fallopian tubes is not only challenging, but it is also quite expensive. It is challenging in the sense that even after following the right and competent procedures, many women have failed to conceive. However, the goods is that the above procedure has worked well with other women.


How to Regain your Absent Period

Women have a tough time to get pregnant in this modern life. Mostly due to the fact they have a missed period that does not gets them pregnant.

There are several reasons as to why a women is not getting pregnant due to her missed period. We shall discuss some of the most common reasons. However, we suggest that you get the help of your doctor.

Common reason as to why your body is missing the period.

Stress: This is the most of the common factor as to why you are missing your period. In today’s modern world women have to work at least 10 hours a day to keep both ends meet. When a human body is undergoing stress the hormones get imbalanced and results in change in body. Hence, this might result in loss of period.

Diet Factors: Now as women have to work most of the 24 hours a day they hardly have sufficient time to have an organic diet. Most women who suffer from missed periods are the ones that have a diet filled with junk foods. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you have a diet that is filled with organic and mostly fibres.

Fatty foods (Cholesterol): All those people who said that fatty substances is not good were either deprieved of knowledge or had no other idea of how cholesterol works for the body. Frankly the cholesterol is very essential of especially to women. Women need proper amount of fatty substances for the body to function properly. Hence, it is necessary that you consume certain amounts of fatty substances. Finally, if you are on a low calories diet then we strongly suggest that you get rid of the diet regime until you have conceived.

Improper Thyroid Function: When your thyroid fails to function it can cause irregular periods. There are two ways in which your thyroid can disrupt your period. The first way is if your thyroid is functioning excessively, and the second is that if the thyroid is functioning less than normal. The condition is called hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism respectively. You might need to consult with your doctor and take medication for the proper functioning of your thyroid. However, you might also want to change your lifestyle and reduce stress so that your thyroid functions as normal.

Foods to Consume While Trying to Get Pregnant

Some women who are trying to conceive are confused whether they should avoid any foods. Today we answer this question and help you clear off the confusion.

Here is the answer

There is no food that will help in conception and there is no food that you should avoid for the same. Leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is all that is required. However, we do stress that you maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) and do some cardio that will help in staying fit.

Avoiding Alcohol:

Although there is no exception in this case but excess of alcohol is known to hinder fertility. Therefore, if you are consuming alcohol then you might want to stop or limit to moderate consumption.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is bad for health and science has proved that smoking might result in infertility. Both partners should quit smoking altogether if they are trying to consume.


For conclusion we recommend that you should live healthy, eat organic and quit smoking (limiting alcohol) altogether if you are looking to conceive.

How to Increase the Health of Your Egg?

In the past it was believed that younger people had healthier eggs while older people had weak eggs. However, we now know that it is not true. The health of egg does not depend on the age alone. There are several factors that go into making a healthy egg.

Why is Egg’s Health so Important?

Let me put this in a short answer. The healthier your eggs are the better are the chances of conception or fertilization. Therefore, you can know the importance of your egg being healthy.

How can I keep my eggs healthy?

The answer to this question isn’t short as the above. We will need to discuss several factors.

Body Weight: If you are weight isn’t balanced then there is huge chance that your eggs are not going to be healthy. By improper weight I do not mean only the obese people. I also include people who are underweight and appear thin as a leaf. It might be interesting for you to know that the largest proportion of women who suffer from unhealthy eggs are underweight (not overweight.)

Life Style: The lifestyle is another factor that plays an important role. You need to understand that our body is organic and not made of super filters that can last for centuries. Our body is meant to breakdown at some point or other. The question is how sooner are you going to get your body broken down? Organic food consumption helps in better sustaining of your body organs. On the other hand junk foods are going to cost you many precious gifts on of them being the ability to conceive or produce healthy eggs for that matter.

Use of Drugs; No matter for what reason you are using drugs they are sure to screw with your eggs. Especially if you are taking birth control pills. Yes, the companies promise and provide scientific evidence that their drugs are safe. But you and I know the real truth which no one cares about and we ultimately fall for it. Get rid of any drugs that you are taking (the unnecessary ones like birth control pills, weight loss supplements etc.)

Increase blood Flow: By increasing your blood flow it is possible to improve the health of your eggs There are several fertility cleanse that help in increasing blood flow. In fact we have even written an article on how to increase blood flow using Beet root juice. We strongly suggest that you take a look at the two articles for a detailed study on how to increase blood flow.

Finally, as a piece of advice, try getting yourself into yoga. That is a personal recommendation. It does nothing but good to your body except demanding few bucks every month (but it will be worth every penny!)

How to Increase Blood Circulation to Boost Conception?

We all know that blood circulation is very crucial for getting pregnant. And if you didn’t know that you have just learn it.

Moreover, a proper blood circulation will also unblock your blocked fallopian tubes. Yes, no matter what is the reason of your tubes being blocked (except for the fact that they are tied up artificially) you can unblock them by just trying to increase blood circulation.

How to increase blood circulation?

There is no better than drinking beet root juice. This is very great for increasing blood flow throughout your body. For instance the beetroot juice is readily absorbed by your body and it contains Nitric oxide. If you have concentrated on your chemistry class then you would retain the fact that Nitric Oxide is a good vasodilator.

Moreover, there is iron present in beet root that helps women in increasing red blood cells count. Your Red blood cells are responsible for carrying out the supply of oxygen throughout the entire system.

Therefore, whenever an organ is visited by red blood cells and provided with sufficient amount of oxygen then that part of oxygen thrives in its functionality.

Think what will happen if your fallopian tubes are blasted with high supply of oxygen. It will try to repair itself and increase the chances of getting pregnant.

How to Prepare beetroot juice?

Don’t worry there is not perfect recipe. You can just mash the beet and drink from it or beat it in a juicer. Add any amount of sugar or milk as per your choice (less is better) and you are ready with your own supplement of beet juice.

happy juicing!

Foods that Boost your Fertility

What you are is what you consume. I read it somewhere but do not recall it properly. Interestingly, we do not have to debate because it is a well known fact. The basic of every disease can be linked to what we eat.

Similarly there are some foods that decrease our fertility while others increase. In this post we shall discuss some of the common foods that will increase the fertility in both men and women.

1) Carbohydrate in Limit is good:

Just because I said carbohydrate is good I do not mean to consume fatty substances in large quantities. Eat regular meals and you will have the necessary amount of carbohydrates in your diet. This might sound as stupid coz most of us do eat regular meals. However, to those who skip on foods so that they can get that skinnier look will understand what I mean.

2) Try alternative protein:

Protein is not only present in eggs and meat. They are also present in veggies like beans. Avoid or limit the consumption of meat protein in your diet and consume veggie protein. though chemically both proteins are same it has been found that people who consumed veggie protein had increased chances of fertility rather than people who consumed meat proteins.

3) Drink Milk (whole)

I know some of you might keep your face askew upon the thought of drinking milk. But no matter what you think milk is an important element of diet. You need to understand that milk contains fat that is good for health and necessary for basic functional activities.

4) Avoid Fish prone to mercury poisoning

Finally, I would like to advise you on the fact that not all fishes are good for women who are trying conceive. There are scientific evidence that some fishes contains small amounts of mercury in them. Women who consume such fishes are definitely prone to danger.

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