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TTC Over 40? Boost Your Fertility Level in Days

Jessy woke up early. She was anxious as she took the pregnancy test strip and headed towards the bathroom. Murmuring a small prayer she awaited the result. She looked for a positive sign but for the hundredth time it was negative, as usual.

Jessy is in her early 40’s. And falls in the category of women who are ttc over 40.

She grew up in New York. Had a wonderful job, a loving husband and a beautiful home.

Since she had a successful career she postponed her marriage until she was in her late 30’s. And when she got married she didn’t wanted to have a child soon. According to her plans, she wanted to enjoy life and needed to have bit more money.

A child would hinder her progress. So she thought.

Now, in her 40’s she is desperately ttc over 40. The only problem, she can’t.

All the stress, throughout these years has made her body less fertile. Moreover, her worrying of the fact that she may soon hit menopause has added to her daily stress.


Jessy was just one example. Most women fall under the same pattern.

They postpone childbirth. And when their body has taken a toll they try to conceive.

A woman’s body is likely to conceive between her 20th and 30th year. After her 30th year, her body begins to become less conceivable. This picture is from evolution point of view.

However, when a woman adds stress to her life, hormonal imbalance creates a havoc. She loses the potential to conceive far sooner.

But is that it? Isn’t there a solution for women ttc over 40?

Well there are several solutions. The most natural is to increase your body’s fertility level.

How to Increase body’s fertility for women ttc over 40?

The below tips might sound like third grade. But they are highly effective.

Avoid Processed Foods:

Our modern food habits has diverted away from nature. The industry process in packing and preserving foods have serious health effects. The FDA and government may say its safe. But they aren’t. Think how long you have been eating processed foods. And think the time you detoxed your body completely? (detoxification is the process of removing chemicals from your body). If you can’t remember the last time you detoxed your body then its time to do it.

Eating organic and nature fresh foods allows your body to heal and sync with nature. This sounds spiritual but the truth is nothing but science. Our body has the ability to heal only if the foods we consume are healthy. Chuck down all processed foods from your house today.

Exercise Daily:

Chances are you don’t have the time to workout. But you don’t have an option. Exercise is a must. It speeds up the healing process. Workout 30 minutes a day moderately for five days a week. You will notice the difference instantly.

Reduce Weight:

If you are obese, then probably its the main cause for your inability to conceive. Obese people have slow metabolism. The slow metabolism in the first place made them obese. Eating healthy and working out will help in weight reduction.

Gain Weight:

If obesity is a problem then being skinny is another problem. Women have this tendency to remain lean. In their goal to stay lean they skip meals and hardly eat nutrient rich foods. This deprives the body of most minerals and nutrients. The problem is not visible as it is in obese people.

Most important problem is avoiding fat like plague. Your body needs fat. That is what makes your skin soft and supple. The fat is responsible for a glowing skin. The fat is what gives women natural curve to her body.

If you are hardly eating your food then its time to get some real nutrients in to your gut.

Okay, I tried everything. Yet I struggle to TTC over 40

Sometimes, eating healthy, working out and maintaining proper body weight won’t help. Your body has taken too much damage.

In such case you need to rely on traditional fertility boosting medicines.

Take the case of Sharjah. She is from Egypt. She eats healthy and exercises every day. However, she is desperately trying to conceive over 40. One day while reading some Chinese Medicine therapy she stumbled upon a remedy called Pregnancy Miracle.

The Pregnancy Miracle consists of several traditional remedies for conceiving and curing infertility. It was written by Lisa Olson.

Sharjah had tried every remedy. And when she heard of Pregnancy Miracle, she tried it too. She was skeptic at first (like the rest of us) but anyway she tried it.

The guide ranges from oil therapies to massages to science behind coceiving. Apart from focussing on women’s problem it also focuses on men’s problem. Therefore, as a couple if you are trying to conceive then its an added bonus.

After 2 months of practicing various techniques presented in Pregnancy Miracle she finally conceived one day.

The above is one of the many happy stories made possible by Pregnancy Miracle. This is not a mainstream medicine or therapy. It is completely traditional. To elaborate, it is traditionally used by the Chinese to help women conceive.

Pregnancy Miracle is a book written by Lisa Olson which is available only to few people. You won’t find her book in stores or anywhere else, except her website.

If you are ttc and are over 40 then we strongly recommend buying the book. The cost of book is nothing compared to the beautiful gift of a child. Moreover, you get 50% discount on her book for a limited time.

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Natural Treatments for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

tubal cannulationBlocked fallopian tubes can greatly diminish your ability to become pregnant, and is often times a source of great pain and discomfort. Traditional methods for unblocking them involves painful surgery, such as a salpingectomy (removing part of the fallopian tube). However, there are several natural treatments that are noninvasive and have been proven to provide excellent results.

Three of the most utilized are:

1. Fertility cleansing: Fertility cleansing helps to restore circulation to the reproductive organs by cleansing the entire reproductive system. These cleanses are sometimes available at natural food stores, but is most often obtained from a licensed naturopathic doctor or herbalist. Fertility cleanses help to unblock narrow fallopian tubes by flushing them with an herbal mixture that is consumed in either tea, capsule or liquid form. Most often, these mixtures will contain herbs that also support the liver and urinary systems, as they both play an important role in helping the reproductive system function at optimal levels. These cleanses should be used under the supervision of a fertility specialist.

2. Enzyme therapy: Enzyme therapy assist the body in breaking down existing scar tissue, and increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs. Narrow fallopian tubes are often caused by a buildup of scar tissue, as a result of either an injury or an immune system response. Enzyme therapy treatments contain constituents known to eat away and destroy fibrin (the tissues that makes up scar tissue), therefore being greatly beneficial to those with blocked fallopian tubes. This type of therapy is administered by a fertility specialist or herbalist.

3. Abdominal massage: Abdominal massage helps to break up adhesions to the fallopian tube wall, which greatly enhances reproductive system circulation. This is a wonderful treatment option for women who do not want to take a handful of supplements every day, (such as with the previously mentioned therapies) that can be performed at home by yourself, or in a clinic by a fertility massage specialist.

Importance of Fertility Cleanse and Why You Need One?

Okay, you must have probably heard about fertility cleanse somewhere else but in this post I am going to tell some truth which you wouldn’t have heard about. This post will further go into explaining the difference between common cleanse and what the fertility cleanse can do for you.

What exactly is fertility cleanse?

As the name implies it is process of cleaning your body of toxins. Since the prefix is fertility it is common sense to conclude that the cleaning process is meant to boost fertility. The cleaning process will clean your uterus and liver preparing your body for conception so that you have a high chance of getting pregnant with a healthy kid.

What is the difference between normal cleansing and fertility cleansing?

There is not much difference, except for the fact that fertility cleansing is targeted towards getting you pregnant. The processes are almost the same and the natural herbs within them are almost the same. In fact getting a common fertility cleanse will also boost your fertility. Probably this is the reason as to why some women who are on a diet and have cleansed their body easily get pregnant.

Where can I find fertility cleanse guide?

There are several books that will help you in preparing a fertility cleanse. Do not fret and consider that preparation of fertility cleanse requires some rare combination of herbs. it is simple and in fact the common lemon juice mixed with maple syrup is an excellent detoxify agent which can also help in cleaning you body.

Now, I can list various herbs that are used in preparing fertility cleansing but that would be waste of your time and mine. Simply because just letting you the names would be useless. You need the right preparation guide and that is why I suggest you to purchasing guides from the experts.

There are various books on the store. However, on book which I recommend is from Amazon. click here to see the details on Amazon.

Moreover, you might also want to know about Lisa Olson’s guide that will help you conceive in 8 weeks. This is your short guide to guaranteed conception.

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