How Effective is Castor Oil therapy in Treating Blocked Fallopian Tube?

Castor oil is derived from the Castor seed which is native of India. The Castor plant has so much of medicinal value that the leaves of this plant were considered to represent the palm of Christ. Probably it was another way of saying that castor oil were of great significance in healing.

How does Castor oil Help in Unblocking fallopian tube?

Castor oil when applied over any body surface the blood flow increases dramatically. Same way when castor oil is applied over the fallopian region the blood flow around the fallopian tissue increases and therefore unblocking the tube.

Several online sites sell castor oil therapy kit. This is nothing but a special kind of tissue that is soaked in castor oil. The tissue needs to be placed around your abdomen region (instructions differ from kit to kit).

With regular usage the blood flow increases with your fallopian tube and increases the chance of conception. However, you should also know that this is natural treatment which can help you greatly but does not provide any guarantee. If you are just trying your path in natural treatment then I suggest you  to take at least 2 months in castor oil therapy before you see any results.

Another natural treatment (a book) written Dr. Lisa Olson is also available for unblocking fallopian tube and getting pregnant within 8 weeks (guaranteed!!!)

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