Fallopian Tube Occlusion

ovarian cancerThe major cause of infertility in females is the fallopian tube occlusion, whereby the fallopian tubes fails to let the sperm and the ovum to fuse, in that the process of fertilization will not take place, there are a number of causes of fallopian tube occlusion and some of them are considered to be the major causes, one of the major cause is the pelvic inflammatory disease, this is an infection that will lead to the obstruction of the tube. More so it can be occluded by other infections after child birth, endometritis and also there is a permanent procedure whereby the patient is very healthy and in normal stable condition, in this case it is considered to be one of the methods of contraception.

Occlusion in the fallopian tubes can be checked by using a specialized x-ray which involves using a dye that is placed through the cervix by use of a tiny tube, the x-ray is then taken to check whether the dye has spilled up to the ovaries and if not then you may be having occlusion in the fallopian tubes.

There is an intervention treatment method of the occlusion of the fallopian tube, which is the recanalization of the fallopian tube; this is a process that is done to patients with occlusions in both or single tubes, this is a technical procedure whereby it is performed through the vagina and a speculum is then placed into the vagina so as to visualize the cervix, then a small tube is then placed into the uterus through the cervix, a second tube is then placed through the first tube which is then directed towards the area of interest in the fallopian tube, the opening in the fallopian tube is probed gently with a wire until it enters the tube, then the other process is then repeated by using the same steps to ensure that the fallopian tubes are open.