Fallopian Tube Pain

This article in particular centers on providing a solution to the basic questions one will probably have especially concerning fallopian tube pains. What is fallopian pain? What is the major cause pain in the fallopian tube? What could be the signs of pain in the fallopian? Why does someone experience pain?

Fallopian pain is a form of pain that occurs in the tubes and it occurs in almost one out of every five women during their childbearing years. Most of the time creating discomfort about 2 weeks just before the menstruation period, when an ovary releases an egg. The Intensity of pain in the fallopian tubes varies from one woman to the other. Some women will tell you that they feel mild discomfort; whereas others will tell you they feel serious cramping and pain. Soreness during this period can last for just a few minutes or at times days.

Fallopian tube pain can be a symptom of an underlying complex gynecological disorder, although this is not a general case to all the women. Nevertheless, prolonged, severe, fallopian tube pain deserves a visit to your doctor, since the exact cause of pain in the fallopian tube is still a mystery, although medical researchers have tried to come up with possibilities regarding this problem.

Most likely possibilities focus majorly on the ovarian follicles, in the sac-like structures that eggs develop. One of the theories explains that during ovulation period, the follicle bursts, releasing the ovum right into the fallopian tube. Some doctors suggest that one might experience when the follicle expands stretching out the membrane.

Some doctors will tell you that when the egg matures, it will automatically burst from the follicle, and this could result into internal bleeding, thus irritating the uterus lining, and thus causing pain in the fallopian tube.

Salpingitis – This begins with just like a small infection in a fallopian tube resulting into inflammation.