Fertility Massage – Facts and How To

We have been discussing about oening blocked fallopian tube for a long time. And in this process we have touched some of the most important elements in natural treatment. However, we have not so gotten deeply with self fertility massage.

The reason is that there is no free tutorial on this and the self fertility massage DVD is sold for $40 bucks or so. You can buy it from Amazon or from anywhere else where you find it interesting.

But just today morning when I decided to write about self fertility massage I came across this YouTube video which was in depth and provides instructions on self fertility massage. i was happy coz I knew you might be interested in it too.

Here is the video watch it till the end and let me know what you think in the comment.

So what are the success rate of self fertility massage?

Like any other natural treatment there is no success rate because natural treatments are hardly tracked. But if you try two or three natural treatments together then the chances of opening blocked tubes and getting pregnant increases greatly.

Therefore I recommend you to try some of the natural treatments mentioned here and combine few of them as they are definitely going to make a difference if not a huge impact.

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