Foods that Boost your Fertility

What you are is what you consume. I read it somewhere but do not recall it properly. Interestingly, we do not have to debate because it is a well known fact. The basic of every disease can be linked to what we eat.

Similarly there are some foods that decrease our fertility while others increase. In this post we shall discuss some of the common foods that will increase the fertility in both men and women.

1) Carbohydrate in Limit is good:

Just because I said carbohydrate is good I do not mean to consume fatty substances in large quantities. Eat regular meals and you will have the necessary amount of carbohydrates in your diet. This might sound as stupid coz most of us do eat regular meals. However, to those who skip on foods so that they can get that skinnier look will understand what I mean.

2) Try alternative protein:

Protein is not only present in eggs and meat. They are also present in veggies like beans. Avoid or limit the consumption of meat protein in your diet and consume veggie protein. though chemically both proteins are same it has been found that people who consumed veggie protein had increased chances of fertility rather than people who consumed meat proteins.

3) Drink Milk (whole)

I know some of you might keep your face askew upon the thought of drinking milk. But no matter what you think milk is an important element of diet. You need to understand that milk contains fat that is good for health and necessary for basic functional activities.

4) Avoid Fish prone to mercury poisoning

Finally, I would like to advise you on the fact that not all fishes are good for women who are trying conceive. There are scientific evidence that some fishes contains small amounts of mercury in them. Women who consume such fishes are definitely prone to danger.

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