Foods to Consume While Trying to Get Pregnant

Some women who are trying to conceive are confused whether they should avoid any foods. Today we answer this question and help you clear off the confusion.

Here is the answer

There is no food that will help in conception and there is no food that you should avoid for the same. Leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is all that is required. However, we do stress that you maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) and do some cardio that will help in staying fit.

Avoiding Alcohol:

Although there is no exception in this case but excess of alcohol is known to hinder fertility. Therefore, if you are consuming alcohol then you might want to stop or limit to moderate consumption.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is bad for health and science has proved that smoking might result in infertility. Both partners should quit smoking altogether if they are trying to consume.


For conclusion we recommend that you should live healthy, eat organic and quit smoking (limiting alcohol) altogether if you are looking to conceive.

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