Gaining Moral Support in Times of Infertility

pageImage-extra_09Whether you have blocked fallopian tube or declared infertile the biggest problem ahead is facing and living a different life. Though you have blocked tubes, which can be treated medically or naturally, the life until you have conceived is troublesome for two reasons 1) You are unsure about getting pregnant and 2) You will be childless until treated.

How to cope such feelings:

To ensure simplicity I have categorized different situations for coping:

Coping when Under Treatment:

Faith is everything. Do you know that doctors ask you to keep faith in the medicines they prescribe if not the medicines fail to take effect? Similarly, you need to have faith in the treatment. This might sound religious but it is not. Science has proved repeatedly that faith in anything we do helps in completing half of the result. Therefore, no matter what treatment you are undergoing have faith in it.

Coping when Treatment Failed:

You know that there are worse diseases than infertility. Have you ever experienced someone dying out of cancer? I have and it is my Dad. I had the money, I had the support of family, I had doctors waiting, yet there was no cure at hand. Even if there was chemotherapy, it had no guarantee of healing but just to extend few weeks. Infertility is no such big deal. You have several treatment and options available. If you hate the medical option then you can always jump to natural remedies. Here you can find a list of natural remedies. One after another, you can keep trying and never give up. They do not cost more than few bucks each and are perfectly safe with no side effects. In the end, you should never give up.

Looking at a different picture:

Yes, everyone wishes to have a child of his/her own. That is not the only option. Do you know how many orphans out there are praying to have a happy family adopt them? Maybe you can adopt them. I don’t think that adoptions are frowned over our country except in some third world.

What if I don’t like adoption?

Who said that you need a child to live your life? Child is not everything. I have known several couples when asked about their childless relationship stating they did not want a child as their opposite partner was a child to them.

Do you see the irony behind this? What you think matters most. I know most of us are worried about our friends and families and how they shall go about mocking us from behind. True, but if you care about your life more than others do then do not care as to what they say.