Home Remedies For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Medicinal-HerbsA fertile woman is a happy woman. The thought of failing to bring a healthy, beautiful bouncing baby into the world causes a freezing chill in any woman. Being infertile is so terrible. However, not all women are born infertile and many cases have been found to be caused by the blockage of the woman’s fallopian tubes.

The fallopian tube is where fertilization actually takes place and the embryo then develops in the uterus. The blockage of the fallopian tube means that the ova cannot meet with the sperm for fertilization, hence the inability of the woman to get pregnant. This blockage can be as a result of an inflammation, infection or even adhesions on a scar after healing from a surgery.

Some people choose to go for medications to correct this situation and restore their fertility. However, there are also some home remedies for blocked fallopian tubes that can work without having to use any medications:

-Abdominal massage: getting a good massage on your abdomen improves circulation of blood and relaxes the stiffened scars. You should not use this technique if you are already pregnant or on your menses.

-Consume anti-oxidants: These are mostly fruits and vegetables. Tea is also good for you in this case. While at it, stay away from animal meat which contains some hormones that interfere with your hormones especially estrogen. The trick here is to keep estrogen levels stable and balanced.

-Apply castor oil: Applying this oil on your lower abdomen increases lymphatic and blood circulation in the tubes. The lymphatic gets rid of old cells while the improved blood movement may remove the blocks.

-Using supplements for vitamin C: This vitamin aids absorption of Iron which improves your immunity. This strengthens your immune system and can help clear the blockage if the tubes are blocked as a result of infections or inflammations.

-Apply charcoal poultices: Place the poultice on your lower abdomen and above the fallopian tube and uterus. This has an effect of reducing inflammation and can also treat infections in the tubes.

-Stay away from alcohol and avoid smoking: If you use these substances, quitting all-together would be much better than reducing consumption. These substances are known to be the causes of blocked fallopian tubes in many cases.

-Also, you can try meditating and yoga. Meditating relaxes your body, reduces stress and promotes healing. This can help in unblocking the tubes. Yoga also improves the body’s healing potential.

These simple home remedies for blocked fallopian tubes can go a long way in putting a smile on you. You never know when the magic is about to happen. It’s better to try and see for yourself than to never try at all.