How to Increase Blood Circulation to Boost Conception?

We all know that blood circulation is very crucial for getting pregnant. And if you didn’t know that you have just learn it.

Moreover, a proper blood circulation will also unblock your blocked fallopian tubes. Yes, no matter what is the reason of your tubes being blocked (except for the fact that they are tied up artificially) you can unblock them by just trying to increase blood circulation.

How to increase blood circulation?

There is no better than drinking beet root juice. This is very great for increasing blood flow throughout your body. For instance the beetroot juice is readily absorbed by your body and it contains Nitric oxide. If you have concentrated on your chemistry class then you would retain the fact that Nitric Oxide is a good vasodilator.

Moreover, there is iron present in beet root that helps women in increasing red blood cells count. Your Red blood cells are responsible for carrying out the supply of oxygen throughout the entire system.

Therefore, whenever an organ is visited by red blood cells and provided with sufficient amount of oxygen then that part of oxygen thrives in its functionality.

Think what will happen if your fallopian tubes are blasted with high supply of oxygen. It will try to repair itself and increase the chances of getting pregnant.

How to Prepare beetroot juice?

Don’t worry there is not perfect recipe. You can just mash the beet and drink from it or beat it in a juicer. Add any amount of sugar or milk as per your choice (less is better) and you are ready with your own supplement of beet juice.

happy juicing!

2 thoughts on “How to Increase Blood Circulation to Boost Conception?

  1. Hi I have last year ectopic pragnancy this year I find out the other tube is block plz help me I don’t have money to buy madication thanks a lot

  2. trully i have spent alot and now l no longer have money am husband is on me saying all sort of words – that he never wish his marriage this way all sort of words that is not good for hearing – i began to ask myself if am the maker of babies – is it not God that gives to born? Please help me and prescribed for me the name of the drug to buy as to wash my blocked fallopian tube bcos am approaching the age of 40 even if it is one or two am able to give birth to please help me and God almighty will continue to see you through

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