How to Increase the Health of Your Egg?

In the past it was believed that younger people had healthier eggs while older people had weak eggs. However, we now know that it is not true. The health of egg does not depend on the age alone. There are several factors that go into making a healthy egg.

Why is Egg’s Health so Important?

Let me put this in a short answer. The healthier your eggs are the better are the chances of conception or fertilization. Therefore, you can know the importance of your egg being healthy.

How can I keep my eggs healthy?

The answer to this question isn’t short as the above. We will need to discuss several factors.

Body Weight: If you are weight isn’t balanced then there is huge chance that your eggs are not going to be healthy. By improper weight I do not mean only the obese people. I also include people who are underweight and appear thin as a leaf. It might be interesting for you to know that the largest proportion of women who suffer from unhealthy eggs are underweight (not overweight.)

Life Style: The lifestyle is another factor that plays an important role. You need to understand that our body is organic and not made of super filters that can last for centuries. Our body is meant to breakdown at some point or other. The question is how sooner are you going to get your body broken down? Organic food consumption helps in better sustaining of your body organs. On the other hand junk foods are going to cost you many precious gifts on of them being the ability to conceive or produce healthy eggs for that matter.

Use of Drugs; No matter for what reason you are using drugs they are sure to screw with your eggs. Especially if you are taking birth control pills. Yes, the companies promise and provide scientific evidence that their drugs are safe. But you and I know the real truth which no one cares about and we ultimately fall for it. Get rid of any drugs that you are taking (the unnecessary ones like birth control pills, weight loss supplements etc.)

Increase blood Flow: By increasing your blood flow it is possible to improve the health of your eggs There are several fertility cleanse that help in increasing blood flow. In fact we have even written an article on how to increase blood flow using Beet root juice. We strongly suggest that you take a look at the two articles for a detailed study on how to increase blood flow.

Finally, as a piece of advice, try getting yourself into yoga. That is a personal recommendation. It does nothing but good to your body except demanding few bucks every month (but it will be worth every penny!)

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