Increasing the Chances of Fertility with HCG Hormones

Presently there is some proof that HCG hormones do help to increase conception rate. Though this is yet to established within the fertility industry, it has been found to be safer.

How is it possible?

Consider that your body is perfectly fit. And you can get pregnant almost easily. After 11 days of conception your body will start to produce HCG hormone which is known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. In fact most pregnancy test depend on this hormone and they consecutively determine whether you have conceived or not. Moreover, this hormone can also determine whether the conception is a miscarriage.

So how exactly does HCG increases fertility?

I am not exactly sure as to how this hcg hormone increases fertility. But there are proofs and statistics about women who have shown signs of pregnancy and in fact have conceived when they have been on HCG diet.

My explanation:

Personally I do not thing that HCG hormones increases fertility. Obviously the hormone is present only in women who have conceived. Therefore, it is highly unlikely for women to conceive with hcg hormone.

The HCG diet first detoxes your body and then goes about in reducing weight. When you are reducing and taking off those extra pounds your body moves forward towards better fitness and agility.

Once your body is fit then it is obvious that the chances of getting pregnant are higher. Therefore, I do not think that it is necessary to undergo HCG diet to get pregnant.

But if you are looking to lose weight and at the same time wishing to get pregnant then I strongly suggest you take over the HCG Diet as it is your best shot.

Warning: Pregnant women should not consume HCG hormones as it will lead in birth defects.