Opening blocked Fallopian tubes

Tubal blockage or blocked Fallopian tube is a major cause of many infertility cases in women all over the world. Blocked Fallopian tube is a matter of very serious concern due to its ability to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy. In some women, there may not be the usual irregular menstruation and the attendant stomach cramps and all other such symptoms, so it is always a shock when they start having difficulty with conception and learn it is due to blocked Fallopian tubes. The seriousness of cases of blocked Fallopian tubes as they relate to a woman’s ability to bear children has led to several researches to find possible ways to unblock these Fallopian tubes. A number of medical and natural solutions have been discovered for effective unblocking of the Fallopian tube. Tubal surgery is no longer the only means of opening blocked Fallopian tubes, in recent times, more people affected by this infertility problem have started resorting to natural ways of proffering lasting solutions to this problem to help them regain their fertility.


Several therapies have been made available to help address this problem without going in for surgery. A combination of some very potent Chinese herbs, massage and acupuncture have been found to help clear the blockages in women’s Fallopian tubes to make them fertile again. Some of these herbs have been found to possess antibacterial, anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties. A combination of these herbs, massages and acupuncture help clear congealed blood obstructions, scar tissues and adhesion naturally. They help in restoring hormonal balances to regulate the menstrual cycle, improves the circulation of blood, nutrient and oxygen to the ovaries, uterus and Fallopian tubes. They are also beneficial for reducing sexual stress in women to improve their sexual drives. These techniques have been found to be quite effective for relaxing the pelvic organs to reduce the tightening in the Fallopian tube tissues.