Is it Possible to Get Pregnant with one Blocked Fallopian Tube?

I have seen on many infertility forums people asking one common question ‘Is it possible to get pregnant with one blocked fallopian tube? If so how long will it take?’

Well, the answer is a positive yes. However, the time frame for you to get pregnant with one blocked fallopian tube is never exact. Conception is possible within a month or within years.

I have known people who have made it possible with one blocked tube in 6 month while there are still people unable to conceive for several years together.

If it is taking too long to get pregnant then the problem can be from your male partner. But if your male partner is perfectly alright then what you need is natural treatment to boost your fertility. And I strongly recommend not to try any surgery or IVF as they can make things worse. People are forced to believe that medical science knows better. If you are one those king then I suggest trying natural treatment before trying anything invasive.

Give at least 6 months for Natural Treatments and if it doesn’t work you can go the invasice type with medical science.

Castor Oil therapy:

This is a common therapy that is used to get your tubes up and running. Amazon sells castor oil kit that can be bought for $17 or so. Instructions on how to use it will be provided with the kit.

Fertility massage:

This treatment also boosts the working of your tube. Get a DVD of fertility massage and follow the massage movements as shown. This treatment has been there from ancient time and has still stood the test of time to be good.

Pregnancy Miracle Book:

This is a book written by Chinese Medicine Researcher Dr. Lisa Olson. The book deals with various techniques that should be employed to get your tube to help in conception. Moreover, if you have a blocked tube then this book will guide you to open it up. The Author of this book is so sure of her techniques that she is selling it with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get pregnant within 8 weeks of purchasing her book. ¬†Therefore you might want to give it a shot.

Click here to know more about the book. 

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