Pregnancy Miracle by Dr.Lisa Olson

Please Note: My name is Beula Dsouza and the below mentioned ebook is written by Lisa Olson. I do not even know her personally. I am writing this review just as a way of helping people as most have testified it to be helpful. All mails to Lisa Olson should be sent through her official site

Here are the details regarding Pregnancy Miracle. In fact it is the only guide in the whole world that teaches you how to unblock fallopian tubes and get pregnant in 8 weeks.

Does it Really Work?

Yes! It works 100%. The reason as to why it is so unpopular is due to the fact that the infertility industry frowns on Chinese Medicine. Not that Chinese Medicine doesn’t work but because it works so good that the infertility industry will be thrown out of business. Therefore it is known only to few selected people like you and me.

What are the benefits of using this Guide?

  • You will learn how to unblock fallopian tube(s)
  • It contains diet regime to boost fertility
  • Exercises are included to increase conception rate
  • It does not only target women but also men.
  • It has all the therapies like fertility massage, castor oil, acupressure etc.
  • finally, it comes with 100% guarantee i.e if you do not conceive within 8 weeks (60 days) your money is paid back with no questions asked.

Where can I get the guide?

You can get the guide from Dr.Lisa Olson’s Official site

Click Here to visit Dr. Lisa Olson’s Official siteĀ (Cost of the book is $97. If you purchase by clicking this link it will only cost $47. You get 50% Discount for just being our reader!)

P.S Upon visiting the site a video will start playing which provides in-depth info on the guide. Allow it to play for few minutes. After that, an order button will appear at the bottom which you can use to purchase the book.

29 thoughts on “Pregnancy Miracle by Dr.Lisa Olson

  1. Hi am have bilateral tubal closure at the ovary end, and fostrated as to what to do to clear them so i conceived and where can i purchage the book

  2. My wife had blocked fallopian tube (both) and after following the steps mentioned in the book she was finally able to unblock them and now she has conceived! I know this sounds unbelievable but that is the truth.
    Great book. All of you should give a try as it only costs $37 (if you buy from the above link) and its no big deal.

    1. Can I actually talk to someone who has conceived using this method? My daughter has blocked tubes and I would LOVE to speak to someone who has been in our shoes. So many disappointments. Need to hear positive testimony. My email is please email me to talk further. Thanks in advance.

  3. HOLY COW! I am pregnant! Totally Unbelievable. I thought this book would be crap but $37 was no big deal.
    Just yesterday I was feeling sick and went to our doctor who declared that I was 11 days pregnant. Approximately 3 months after purchasing the book.

    Okay, its time for me to give something back to this site. I would like to donate. I request the admin to contact me at (email removed for privacy concerns) as to how I can proceed with the donation as there is no donation form available.

    1. hello jennifer, my name is praise, i have been married for years now and i can not concieve, doctor told me i have a blocked fallopian tube, i and my husband have spent lots of money trying to solve the issue. i know it has worked for you, and i will like to hear from you, please this is my email address: do send me a message . thanks

    1. Hi Kazi,
      You have to understand that we are not creator of the book. We are just merely providing information through this website. You will have to contact the author on her website. The link is provided above in the post.

  4. Madam,
    I wife’s both fallopian tubes are blocked. doctors recommended IVF but I can’t afford the cost of IVF, I want to know that how successful is you medicine. I m from India, please reply,

    1. HI Anil,
      I am not sure as to how successful this book is because simply I do not have the statistics. However, what I can do provide is the fact that many people are purchasing it here in the States. Therefore, there must be something helpful about this. Finally, it is your decision to make.

    1. I don’t think that ebook will help in changing the size of fallopian tubes. Hence, I suggest that you better take the help of a physician in this case.

    1. The ebook is meant to treat infertility in general. Therefore, in answer to your question. yes it can be used to treat your blocked uterus.

  5. I am interested if this is truly a guarantee (it works). I see so many great stories but I have also seen so many gimmicks and scams…. If the overall treatment is going to be surgery I can skip the book. Please contact me I have a few questions before the purchase.

  6. Im 46 years with both blocked Fallopian tubes.will this book help to un block them?also,I live in the United Arab Emirate.will you ship this book for me.

  7. I am 33yrs old and i would love to have this book. Anyone with a bit more back ground on the experience with the book can you please tell more.

  8. I just want to buy this book right now. Iam suffering almost everything explained by Dr Lisa. Iam really trying hard to get this miracle book. Please can you reply to my email so that I can ask you something? Please?

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