How to Regain your Absent Period

Women have a tough time to get pregnant in this modern life. Mostly due to the fact they have a missed period that does not gets them pregnant.

There are several reasons as to why a women is not getting pregnant due to her missed period. We shall discuss some of the most common reasons. However, we suggest that you get the help of your doctor.

Common reason as to why your body is missing the period.

Stress: This is the most of the common factor as to why you are missing your period. In today’s modern world women have to work at least 10 hours a day to keep both ends meet. When a human body is undergoing stress the hormones get imbalanced and results in change in body. Hence, this might result in loss of period.

Diet Factors: Now as women have to work most of the 24 hours a day they hardly have sufficient time to have an organic diet. Most women who suffer from missed periods are the ones that have a diet filled with junk foods. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you have a diet that is filled with organic and mostly fibres.

Fatty foods (Cholesterol): All those people who said that fatty substances is not good were either deprieved of knowledge or had no other idea of how cholesterol works for the body. Frankly the cholesterol is very essential of especially to women. Women need proper amount of fatty substances for the body to function properly. Hence, it is necessary that you consume certain amounts of fatty substances. Finally, if you are on a low calories diet then we strongly suggest that you get rid of the diet regime until you have conceived.

Improper Thyroid Function: When your thyroid fails to function it can cause irregular periods. There are two ways in which your thyroid can disrupt your period. The first way is if your thyroid is functioning excessively, and the second is that if the thyroid is functioning less than normal. The condition is called hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism respectively. You might need to consult with your doctor and take medication for the proper functioning of your thyroid. However, you might also want to change your lifestyle and reduce stress so that your thyroid functions as normal.