Tubal Ligation and Reversal – Things you Should Know

Tubal ligation is still used as a present means of sterilization in women. This inhibits their ability to give birth permanently. However, in the past few years tubal ligation reversal has increased greatly though the chances of conceiving are less not to mention the grave danger it can pose to health issues.

What is Tubal Ligation?

Women who wanted permanent solution for birth control opted for this process. IN this process the faloopian tubes are severed and tied up in the middle.  This stops the flow of eff from the ovaries and into the Uterus. Furthermore, the sperm is also prohibited from reaching the fallopina tube.

What is Tubal Ligation Reversal?

The tied up part of the fallopian tube is again rejoined and connected so that it is possible for the egg to fertilize with the help of sperm. In most cases the tied up part of fallopian tube is not functional anymore. Therefore the surgeons clip them off and tied the healthy part of the other end of tubes together.

what are the success rate of tubal ligation reversal?

The success rate of tubal ligation depends on several factors. They are:

  • Years passed after tubal ligation
  • Your age
  • Your health
  • Your present condition of fallopian tubes
  • The type of technique used in fallopian tube ligation (Some technique of tubal ligation cannot be reversed)

You need to consult your fertility expert in this manner and see what can be done.

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