Types of Natural Treatment to Unblock Fallopian Tubes

As you all know that this website is solely dedicated to unblocking fallopian tubes and getting pregnant. We suggest that you take the natural as it is safe. Moreover there are several natural treatments and we sincerely recommend the one presented by Dr. Lisa Olson which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Okay this post is just informative as others are. Here comes the various types of natural treatments:

Using Herbal tampons:

Herbal tampons are quite famous for their ability to unblock fallopian tubes. At the same they are also infamous to cause infection and for their high priced kit. A herbal tampon kit can cost you anywhere from $800 to more.

Fertility Massage:

We are also noticing a quite increase in the fertility massage therapy. Several DVD’s are sold online and they self teach the consumers on how to massages themselves so that fallopian tube gets unblocked. Although the success rate isn’t high, fertility massage combined with other treatments provides wonderful remedy.

Castor Oil Therapy:

Specially manufactured tissue paper is soaked in castor oil. It is then placed approximately over the region where fallopian tubes are supposedly said to be blocked. It has been said that this treatment helps in unblocking the tubes. You can also use castor oil independently for fertility massage. Combining the two can bring extreme results.

finally the best treatment is Chinese Medicine. We have already written about it at here. Just scroll at the bottom and you will have info about it.