Should I Undertake Normal Household Chores While Pregnant

On a certain forum there was a question that we would like to share. A pregnant lady who is 3 months pregnant asks ‘can I undertake normal household chores?’

The answer is a simple yes, When you are pregnant it is good to undertake normal chores. This will help in keeping your body strong and will result in a natural delivery.

However, if you are doing household chores, ensure that they do not exhaust you as it is common for pregnant women to get exhausted or fatigue frequently. Moreover, ensure that you are consuming enough liquids to keep yourself hydrated.

Sadly, most family members out of love and affection will not allow you to work while pregnant. You need to educate them on the benefits of helping around the house even if it is of little consequence.

Most women who didn’t had to work or chose not to work while pregnant had troubled labor leading to c section.

Hence, we strongly, recommend to continue your household chores even when pregnant but with safety and cautiously.


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